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Tassel Caps - Style 5

$2.50 AUD

Postage Note:  Unfortunately this size is too chubby for a large letter sized envelope, so will have to be posted in a parcel.  Because of this, we have to put the weight of the item at 231 grams to activate the parcel section of the website (long story) so your postage might seem astronomical if you are buying a few of these!  Please trust that we will refund any portion of overpaid postage back into your account, or if just a small amount of difference we will pop in extra goodies to make it up.

The possibilities for this piece!  Even for making projects for around the home, let alone jewellery, these pieces just beg for someone to be really really creative!

Made from lead free Alloy, this pendant bail/tassel cap bail has a loop at the top for hanging, with a threading hole of about 2.5mm.  Amazing possibilities using this cap for a beautiful statement piece on the front of a necklace, or mala, or an intricately beaded pair of very unusual earrings!

This piece has one loop at the top, and around the bottom there are 14 loops with threading hole about 2.5mm.

There are places to set in 1mm & 2mm rhinestones but if you don't want to use rhinestones, it won't subtract from the look of the piece.

Dimensions:  about 23mm long x about 23mm across.

Colour:  Platinum (Silver)

Inner Diameter:  20mm

Quantity per pack:  1 bead