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#SWIFTIE & #ERAS Bracelet Kit - Rainbow - Makes 20+ Swap Bracelets


Invite your friends around, pop on your favourite songs & bead away! 
What a fabulous Christmas gift for any person with tickets to this absolute event of the year!   All Taylor Swift fans will be there swapping their friendship bracelets and collecting from other fans.  Such a great way to bring people together!
This kit makes 20+ stretchy word bracelets for you to swap at the concert:
  • 10 x #ERAS bracelets - any size
  • 10 x #SWIFTIE bracelets - any size
  • then use the left over beads to make colourful matching bracelets
Kit Includes:
  • 5 metres of top quality, easy to knot, with no special finesse, beading elastic.  We also provide comprehensive instructions on the best way to tie your elastic securely.
  • 10 sets of white/black letter beads to make #ERAS bracelets
  • 10 sets of white/black letter beads to make #SWIFTIE bracelets
  • A bag of coloured beads to put in between and around your letter beads - use the spares to make extra bracelets to match.  Use the block letter beads in white with black writing to make the words, then coloured bag of beads will be accents and regular coloured beads for you to design your own creations.

All you need is a pair of sharp scissors.  If you don't have a decent sharp pair, click here for scissors.

If you need to purchase more letters to make special album &/or song titles, click here for more:

At this stage, our photos are not matching the listings.  We are still in the process of making samples and photos, but the kit description above should give you a good idea of what the kit involves.

Please note, the kits are not in storage boxes, rather in ziplock bags which will make posting and receiving easier, faster & more economical.  At this time of year we would rather not be posting breakable containers!