Scarf Organiser Kit

Bead Shack

$21.00 AUD 


Sick of having scarves thrown over chairs, bed and doors?  So what if you were able to organise those scarves into one convenient holder?  Gee, now I sound like a late night ad! LOL

This fabulous kit gives you a hanger for at least 9 scarves, although you can double up if the scarf isn't really thick.  The rings are 11cm in diameter, so this will fit quite a hefty woolly scarf too.  We have designed this project to use satin ribbon, with no fancy stuff added, because you won't want any sharp edges there putting pulls and runs into your silky fabrics.  You can, however, dress it up in any way you like.

Our sample is in cream, because this colour was easiest to photograph.  But we have lovely colours available, and you will be able to choose them in the drop down menu.

The kit includes you instructions, rings for wrapping, a metal hanger connector and ribbon for wrapping the rings. 

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Size:  The finished product is about 70cm long and about 21-22cm wide.

Tools Required:  Sharp Scissors, Glue (optional)