Rattan Twisted Woven Hoops - 4 sizes (Lightly Lacquered w. wrapped join)

Bead Shack

$7.95 AUD 


These are just the best thing you will come across!  You'll want to make so many projects with these hoops!

One of our photos shows a couple of project ideas that can be made using these hoops!  I think you'll agree they are quite lovely, and our thanks go to Deb Hunter for putting these together for us to show you!  Love your work Deb!

From dream catchers to Christmas wreaths, weddings, funerals and everything in between.  Smother with flowers, adorn with threads and fibres, surround a mandala, doily, you name it!

Made from rattan, twisted together to make 3 twists, they are strong, flexible & durable, so you won't have to worry about your project coming apart.  Make your mind happy making something beautiful with these hoops ... ...

Natural rattan will easily accept paints and stains, so your decoration can take on just about any colour you can hit it with!

Sizes:  Choose from the drop down menu - 16cm, 19-20cm, 32cm & 40cm

* These sizes in the latest stock came with a lightly lacquered surface, so they are slightly darker to the original hoops we had previous to September 2018.  They also have a 'wrapped' section covering the join.

Country of Origin:  Indonesia - by buying these hoops you are helping give meaningful employment to villagers with families.  Thank you!