Rattan Envelope Tote Bag

Bead Shack

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1 x 20cm Rattan ENVELOPE handmade woven Tote Bag in TAN colour with toggle & loop clasp

You'll be all styled up with this gorgeous and highly sought after ethically made tote bag!

Each bag has a slightly different pattern/colour inside.  As each one is handmade, they may appear slightly different to the one in the photo.  I've tried to take photos from all angles so you can see the very clever craftsmanship and the method with which these amazing pieces are made!  Each piece takes a craftsman a week to make, as they painstakingly soften the rattan and work it into place.

The rattan is manipulated with heat from a fire during the manufacture, so a slightly smoky odour may still be with your bag when it arrives, but this will disappear within a short time.

The leather shoulder or cross shoulder strap is double thickness, with neat stitching along each side and is 1cm wide.  The secure closure is a woven loop which fits over the toggle button (all handmade from matching material), and the lining is made from traditional Indonesian batik fabric.

Bags are about 20cm wide, 13cm high, and about 7cm deep.  Each bag has a different traditional batik pattern/colour of fabric lining.    Plenty of tote room inside for your larger style mobile phone, sunnies, wallet, keys etc.  Generally around 70cm long from the top of the shoulder strap when held up in the air, to the bottom of the bag.

Made in Java, Indonesia by traditional artisans.  Creating meaningful employment for small villagers and keeping an ancient craft alive!