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PVC Rings - Mega-Pack (12)

$29.70 AUD $33.00 AUD


Buy this 12 ring pack & save 10%.

Receive:  3 x 32cm, 3 x 27cm, 3 x 22cm & 3 x 16.5cm (sizes are approximate).

The smallest size in the photo is 11cm but is not available in this pack.  We are nearly out of stock of that one, hence this new Mega Pack of the 4 next sizes up!

The two largest sizes are generally cut about 5-6mm thick for stability, where the smaller sizes are between 3-5mm in thickness.  They are all hand cut, and every batch we receive is slightly different.

These closed rings are perfect for making lots of craft items, but especially for making your own dream catchers. The pvc rings are lightweight and slightly flexible so are easy to work with.

Measurement stated is the approximate outside diameter.  The inside diameter is approximately 1-2cm less.  Rings are usually white in colour, but a few sizes sometimes are in grey.  The outside of the rings sometimes have a bit of printing on them, but because they are usually covered with a cord anyway, this shouldn't affect their use.

We buy these from countries where villagers need to find gainful employment, so you are helping families when you buy these recycled pvc rings.  They are made from left over unused pipes, probably from building sites.

To make your dream catcher, wrap any coloured thread, leather or ribbon, scraps of material, anything you like, tightly and neatly around the ring and glue the ends into place. Then use thin thread to make your web and attach other covered rings, feathers, etc from the bottom of the largest ring. Use bits and pieces for embellishment that are special to you eg stones, beads, charms, anything you like!