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Pretty Fairy Kit (makes 6)

$12.50 AUD

We have run out of stock for this item.


This kit makes 6 pretty little fairies on phone charm fittings so that you can hang them - in the window, on your phone, off your bag or keyring etc.

Colours:  This kit comes with silver fittings. The colours are mixed, and may not be the same as in the photo.  Each little fairy has a cute little petticoat with an overskirt.  We've included a photo of a pair of earrings too so you can see the fairy close up. Please note though, the head bead may not be quite the same as the close up photo, according to what is in stock at the time of packing the kits.  We don't always have stock of the metal beads that you see in two of the pictures.

Full instructions are included with the kit.

Tools Required: Chain nose plier, round nose plier and side cutters, for a professional finish. If you don't have beading tools, you can get an acceptable result with small 'garage' pliers for a bit of fun.

Photo:  One of our photos (blue fairies) is actually a pair of earrings, but I wanted to show you close up what they look like.  Cute, aren't they?!