Palest Pink Silverlined Rainbow 12/0 (57r) Qty: 10 grams **


$4.00 AUD 


This seed bead size is interchangeable with our 11/0 Miyuki beads.  11/0 and 12/0 are practically the same size, and will fit in most bead weaving patterns.  Used as the mainstay for most off loom woven jewellery and ornament patterns, they are really popular for their size.  The colours available are amazing!  Japanese seed beads are also the most uniform in size with large holes so that many thread passes can be made.  Of course they are great beads for simple stringing as well as weaving!

** This bead colour can't be restocked at this time, so make sure you order enough for your project.  Also, make a note on your beads once received, that this colour is finishing.

Size of Beads 2mm, Inner Hole approximately .8mm, Made from Glass

Matsuno:  # 57r Palest Pink Silverlined Rainbow

Quantity per pack:  10 grams = approximately 950-1,000 beads.