PICK UP Pencil Tool

Bead Shack

$4.00 AUD 

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Pick Up Pencil Tool to use for attaching rhinestones to beads, pendants, brooches, bags, clothing and even finger and toe nails!  Makes the job so much easier!

The pencil, before sharpening measures about 175mm long & about 7mm in diameter.

If you have the rhinestone diamante etc facing with the sparkling side up towards you, place the sharpened pencil tool onto the rhinestone.  You will see that this will pick it up for you, and then you can put it in place, and simply knock it off with your fingernail or a pair of tweezers.  Such a great invention for putting your rhinestones into place without so much hassle.  (And if you have ever worked with rhinestones, you will know just what I mean.)

Anyone dealing especially with dance wear will love this invention!