Nylon Fibre .7mm on Needle - 3 colours available

Bead Shack

$3.00 AUD 


2 metres of nylon fibre cord .7mm thick on it's own needle to make threading the cord through fine holed beads easier for you!

Tip:  If you don't need to use all 2m of the thread at once, pull your work right to the end of the 2m length before cutting.  This will allow you to use the needle next time!  Never cut off the needle until you are finished using your 2m if you can possibly help it.

Colours:  Choose from the drop down menu

GRIFFIN NylonPower is a strong specially treated nylon with double the tensile strength of conventional nylon. GRIFFIN NylonPower Bead Cord stretches only about 3 - 4% under tension and will return to its original length when released. This property is a great advantage when beading, as knots can be placed very firmly and permanently. Apart from the firm characteristics of this thread, GRIFFIN NylonPower also possesses a smooth surface and an unsurpassed colour brilliance.

Made in Germany by Griffin