No Tangle Bobbins - 8 per set - 3 sizes available


$8.75 AUD 


These fantastic little bobbins pop open so you can wind your thread on, then pop shut to keep the thread from coming off. Use under your kumihimo disk to stop the knots and tangles!

You can even try them with your knitting when you need to have a variety of colours across the rows too!

Or wind up your beautiful silk ribbons and embroidery threads that need protecting, especially when you are wanting to travel with your crafting.

And if you are seed beading ropes, you can wind your actual rope around in the bobbin disk to keep it together, or to keep it out of the way when it gets too long.  Or, you can wind your left over thread into the bobbin to keep neat for traveling.

Available in 3 sizes:  9cm (3 1/2"), 6cm (2 12") and 4.5cm (1 7/8")

Quantity per pack:  8 bobbins