Memory Wire - Necklace


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Quantity:  20 Loops


Memory wire is excellent for threading on, because the tough wire doesn't bend, so it's actually as good as a needle to feed the beads on.  We use it here at Bead Shack for birthday parties for the kids, so that no-one has a 'failure' at the project they are making (our parties want to just be about having fun).  We also use it for anyone who is challenged either physically or mentally, as it is the easiest for them to hold and thread with.  So for young, old, very old, clumsy or challenged beaders, memory wire can do it for you!

Do beware with your good pliers though - this is toughened stainless steel, so never ever ever use your good beading cutters on this stuff, unless you have a proper pair of 'memory wire cutters' which is a special tool.  Instead, use a pair of old 'garage' pliers, or buy a cheapie pair and keep them just for cutting this wire.  If you use it on your good pliers, you will put dents in the blades and it will wreck the cutting ability for when you use them on fine wire, tigertail, headpins etc.

Memory wire stays in shape and snaps back to its original position when stretched and released. The nature of memory wire though, is that it always ends up a slightly different size each time you purchase it.  They make it in long 'slinky' type of coils, and one end of the coil (which weighs kilos and kilos and kilos!) will always be slightly larger than the other end. 

Our wire stock changes every time we buy it, so we can only give you approximate sizes.

This size measures approximately 130mm (5 inches) in diameter.