Micro Pave Clasp - Rose Gold


$24.95 AUD 


This divine clasp needs to be seen to be believed!And when you have put hours and hours into your special project, you will be wanting something really special to finish your work.  You have it with this gorgeous, yet understated elegant clasp.

It measures a total length of 40mm. There is one loop on each end for joining to your work, the inside diameter of the loop is about 2.5mm. The fold-over bar across the middle is the working part of the clasp, and has 5 crystals across it. The side 'heart shapes each have 8 crystals, to there is a total of 21 micro pave crystals. At each end of the clasp are 3 more larger diamantes, approximately 2.5mm in side.

What is a Micro-Pavé Setting? Pavé is pronounced "Par-vay" and originates from the french word literally meaning paved, to best describe the arrangement of diamonds or crystals set across the surface. Crystals are arranged at regular intervals, in a close proximity in a uniform arrangement, building up what appears to be a coating of diamonds, with each stone held within small grains of metal impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. This method is done under extreme magnification.