Micro Pave Crown Caps (Set of 2) - Rose Gold


$24.95 AUD 


For when you have put hours and days into your project, you want something extra special as the 'crowning glory' to your work.

These crowns measure about 14mm wide, 13mm long, hole: 1mm.  You can even use the little holes around the edge to sew your work into, if it suits the type of project you are doing!

What a perfect accompaniment to our Micro Pave Clasp!

These are lead and cadmium free.  Cz Brass micro pave cubic zirconia.

What is a Micro-Pavé Setting? Pavé is pronounced "Par-vay" and originates from the french word literally meaning paved, to best describe the arrangement of diamonds or crystals set across the surface. Crystals are arranged at regular intervals, in a close proximity in a uniform arrangement, building up what appears to be a coating of diamonds, with each stone held within small grains of metal impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. This method is done under extreme magnification.