Wood 11x11mm Spool Shaped Beads - 3 x Factory Packs


$15.00 AUD 


These beads looks like spools.  They measures 11x11mm with a 5mm hole. 

SELL OUT - OUT THEY GO!  Way below cost prices, we want to clear out our excess stock of wood beads.

We recently downsized our shop, and we need to move some stuff along.  We cleared out a colleague's storage warehouse about 8 years ago, and have been storing them.   These beads are at least 20 years old & old fashioned quality is what you get here!

Great for beading or doing craft when using thick cords or ropes, and so easy for craft like macrame where a large hole bead is an absolute must!

Quantity per pack:  3 Packs of 144 = 432 beads for just $15