Half Tila Beads - Matte Metallic Gold - 5 grams


$4.75 AUD 


From Miyuki, the maker of Delica beads, Half Tila beads are an exciting innovation in seed beads: tiny rectangles drilled with double holes. Their unique shape and hole configuration result in creative jewellery designs. Because of their special shape and construction, these beads have thinner walls than most seed beads, making them somewhat fragile. To avoid breakage before they have been woven or strung, please handle these beads with care and avoid spilling them from the bag onto a hard surface. Half Tilas measure 2.5mm wide by 5mm high, by 2mm thick. They have 2 parallel holes going across the 2.5mm length. Having a hole size of .8mm, they are perfect for incorporating into your woven projects, as they will take multiple passes of thread.  Code No. TLH2006, Matte Metallic Gold.

Quantity per pack:  5 grams = approximately 125 beads