Magnetic Glue In Clasp - Qty: 2

Bead Shack

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Alloy Magnetic Clasps, Long-Lasting Plated, in a column shape.

The generous 8mm sized hole means you can glue in your beaded ropes, Kumihimo cords, and even the ends of scarves!  Remember it is always best once you have the glue in place to twist the item into the glue for a better fit and longevity.

Size: about 9mm wide, 19.5mm long, 8mm Inside Diameter.

The magnets are nice and strong, and start moving towards each other from a 2cm distance.  That's how I always measure the strength of the magnet - pull them apart and then slowly move them towards each other and wait for them to move on their own.  The further apart it happens, the stronger the magnet!