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Kolourful Kitties Bracelet Kit

$35.00 AUD

Feel free to put in your 'comments' section of the order if you would like to receive the kit with your own special choice of colour for the background - make sure it will still highlight the kolourful kitties though!

Otherwise, the kit comes with a clear sparkly background, with a silver edging. The bracelet can be made up to about 20cm long (8") and is about 2.7cm wide (1 1/16"). The kit consists of full square stitch basic instructions for beginners, the thread and needle, a magnetic fold-over clasp in silver tone and all the beads as well as a graph to follow.

All you will require at home is beading wax (optional) and a pair of sharp scissors. This kit will provide hours and hours of fun! The level of difficulty is classed as Medium.