Jumpring Opener Tool

Bead Shack

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17mm inner diameter, with 4 slots, you will find this tool invaluable to open jumprings, if using pliers gives you trouble!  You can wear it on your finger, or hold it in one hand.  Put the jumpring into a slot, with the opening of the jumpring just to the outside of the slot on the ring.  Twist the ring, and the jumpring opens.

Opening jumprings to the side (laterally) is important so that they hold their shape and keep their strength when using them to attach to jewellery or craft items.  Often your connecting ring is all you can rely on to hold your piece together.

If you are sick of jumprings not doing what you need them to do, consider trying Bead Shack's brass based jumprings.  Click here to see our range - they are pliable yet strong, with an annealed coating.  We even guarantee our findings!