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HOPE Charm (2)


We have run out of stock for this item.

What wonderfully inspirational words these are on a metal disc, with a hole for hanging or threading!

Pop one onto a necklace chain or cord like in the photo for a simple result - use them on earrings by connecting to the ear wire with a jumping - attach to a charm bracelet via a jumpring - to the end of a keyring - as a focal charm on the end of a Mala necklace, or a bracelet made from lava beads etc - so many uses!  Attach one to your backpack or handbag, or simply hang around the house or bedroom!

As a gift to a friend, or as a reminder to yourself, these charms will uplift you every day that you wear them!

Measurements:   about 20mm in diameter, and about 2mm thick with a threading hole of about 2mm

Material:  The metal is cadmium, nickel & lead free.

Quantity:  2