50 cm of Fine Safety Chain - 2 colours available


$3.50 AUD 


This gorgeous fine chain is fantastic for making safety chains on your bracelets. It is especially great because it is copper based and will not stick to a magnetic clasp!! You receive 50cm which is enough for about 10 safety chains.

Sew it on at the same time as your clasp, for your woven bracelets or attach via a jumpring. You can also use with tiger tail by including the last link with the clasp whilst threading.  This way there is less chance of your chain falling off if your jumpring isn't closed completely.

Please be aware that the links are too small to take a parrot clasp so for an extension chain on a necklace, please use our regular extension chains for that (you can take the little teardrop piece off it if you want to).

Quantity per pack:  50cm