Filigree Bead Cone 40mm Qty: 1


$1.55 AUD 


40mm long by 10mm wide with a 1mm threading hole.  This filigree cone is shaped like a witch's hat.  The cones are brass based metal, with a superb silver or gold coating over the top with an annealed surface.  This basically means the coating won't peal off, and that the caps are bendable without snapping, and of great quality!

Use for ending on tassels or decorations, as a cap on a long drop for an earring or pendant etc.  Gather cords together and attach to an eyepin, then thread the eyepin through the cone (largest end to smallest) and the cord ends will all hide within the cone.  A neat way to finish a multi-strand necklace or other project that includes multiple threads, eg Kumihimo or crochet ropes.