Crimp Covers - 5 colours available - Plain & Stardust


$4.00 AUD 


Use these base metal crimp covers to conceal already-crimped crimp tubes/beads. Simply use the outer notch of your crimping tool to close over a crimp tube/bead to finish your design professionally, or use your regular chain nose pliers. Covering your exposed crimp beads will result in an ultra-smooth and clean finish to your design. They will look just like a round bead!

We have decided to cut down on the sizes in stock, so will just be stocking the most popular 4mm size from February 2016 onwards.  If you specifically need a smaller or larger size, please flick us an email and we will see if there are any of the other sizes still in stock, or place a special order for you with our suppliers.

Quantity per pack: 

50 pieces - plain gold & silver colours

20 pieces - other colours

20 pieces - sparkle (stardust) gold & silver colours