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Flower Bead Mix - Pinks

$12.50 AUD

This is a mixed bag of flower and leaf beads in one colour theme. There is enough in this bag to make one of Bead Shack's flower garden bracelets, in fact probably enough to make a few!

Use these beads in embellishments on your handcrafted items such as handbags, quilts, embroideries etc etc.  A lot of the flowers are quite flat, so you can use them on your scrap booking, and card making too!

Lightweight but strong acrylic beads with fantastic detailing. You will be very happy with these cute little beads!  The pack may vary to the picture shown, according to stock on hand when we make up the mixes.

The cup-full is about a 200ml cup.  We have shown them spread out near the ruler too, to try and give you an idea of how many and the sizing.  There are heaps and heaps of beads in this bag!  Excellent value!