Peru Ceramic Bead - Flat Oval Shape - 2 styles

Bead Shack

$8.10 AUD 


Flat Oval 23x15mm with a 2.5mm hole.

Style 1:  White background w. Palm Tree on one side, and a brownish pattern on the other side (I can’t quite work out what this is).  Or is the palm tree really a marijuana leaf?  or a cactus? 

Style 2:  White Background w. Palm tree (marijuana? cactus?) on one side, and yellow on the other side with what looks like a man spearfishing (?) but in Peru?  Really?  It must be something else LOL 

Fabulous beads for necklaces and jewellery, medicine bags, decorated homeware projects etc.  These beads can become a wonderful talking point!

Quantity per pack: 10