Feathers (50)


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These feathers are a packet of approximately 50 pieces per pack. The feathers measure between 5cm and 9cm in length. Use these feathers on all sorts of craft projects, including making your very own dream catchers. Or attach them to earrings via a 'leather end crimp' by clamping a few of the feathers together inside the crimp, then joining to an ear wire.

Please note:  There are dyed black feathers and natural black (which means there will be a certain amount of pale natural white colour at the 'stick' end).  The stock we have at the moment is dyed all black.

These chicken feathers are from Indonesia - a country that has lots and lots of chickens! I looked this up on the internet, and found this article which I thought was interesting "Sustainable use of waste chicken feathers... Chicken feathers are waste products of the poultry industry. Billions of kilograms of waste feathers are generated each year by commercial poultry processing plants creating a serious solid waste problem in many countries. Traditional disposal strategies of chicken feathers are expensive and difficult. They are often burned in incineration plants, buried in landfills or recycled into low quality animal feed. These disposal methods are restricted, generate green house gases or pose danger to the environment. Several commercial applications have been explored to utilize fibers from chicken feathers. However, due to the low volume requirements of these products they had not significantly reduced the volume of feathers generated each year...." SO, not only are they pretty feathers, but they are helping the environment by being recycled into your gorgeous craft projects! INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please check that feathers can be posted into your country, as any items taken away in this method will not be covered by the seller. Australian customs are happy for these feathers to be bought into Australia because they are clean and have been treated in the dying process. It is your responsibility to check your country's rules and regulations.