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Face Painted Wood Beads (5) - Mixed


Postage Note:  Because these beads are thicker than 2cm, they need to be posted as a parcel. In order to make the system bring up the right postage, we need to put a heavy weight on them.  The postage will, therefore, calculate far too much if you buy a few options of these beads.  We will refund back into your account any over paid postage if it's a fair bit; if only a smaller amount we will add a few extra beads to make up the value.

Measurements:  25mm across with a 4mm threading hole

Quantity:  5 beads

Colours:  We will provide a mixed bag of colours - however if you need colours to be the same, or in matching pair, please email us with your request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Use these for pipe cleaners, macrame cords and ropes, as the generous sized hole is easy to use.  You might use them to make a little person or angel, or any of your crafting projects that requires a face!

These beads have a fine lined mouth with round painted eyes. Of course you can add eyebrows, eyelashes or any other features you like - even draw on hair!  Use paint, texta/sharpy, stain, fabric or any medium that suits the project.

These beads can be quite hard to source, so here they are ready for your next crafty project!