Earring Display Ladies - Acrylic (Set of 3)

Bead Shack

$12.00 AUD 

These are made from 'organic glass' which I think is 'code' for Perspex!  

They come with a coating of 'protector' stuff on them, which you need to pick off.  Funny story, I wrote to the supplier when I first received them, saying I expected them to be clear not brown.  Hmmm.  They wrote back saying to peel off the outer layer.  That's a bit embarrassing!  So, when you receive them and they don't look like my picture, remember to peel off the coating!

The set is for 3 ladies, which hold a pair of earrings each, when using the holes, but you can hang extra from their hands, and shoulders, and I guess even their waist!

The stands are quite lightweight, as you can imagine being perspex, so if you are wanting them to take to your market stall, do consider gluing them to a rock, box or something that is a bit solid with some weight to it.  

How fabulous for a little gift for a girl/lady in your family, and at this price, a great little Christmas gift for a friend, or stocking filler for a teenager etc.

Package is 3 stands, in different sizes.    From the top of their head to the bottom of their feet equals 8cm, 10cm and 12cm.  Their foot sits into the slot that is on the base.

I guess I should mention that you receive 3 little ladies, but the earrings are for show only and are not included in the pack.