Lace Up Animal Kits - NATIVE AUSTRALIAN - 8 Styles

Bead Shack

$8.50 AUD 

  • These kits all use thin rats tail thread and 9mm pony beads. Once your darlings have mastered this kit with the larger beads, they could move on to using the same pattern with smaller beads, even tiny seed beads (but you would have to use fine wire with seed beads)!

The beads in the kit may not necessarily be what you see in the picture.  If you have a theme of colours in mind, please add this in the comments section of your order!  We have listed them with a choice for girls or boys.  Choose this from the drop down menus.  The colours of the beads change with every update of stock we receive, so it's pretty much impossible to list the exact colours of the kits!

You will find that even children as young as 4 years old can manage this kit (as long as an adult is there to help and read out the instructions!)

Generally, we would recommend these kits for 6 years +

A fabulous gift idea, or a rainy day project for when the kids are bored, or the grandkids come over to stay!