Sof-Suede Lace -5 colours available

Bead Shack

$2.50 AUD 


Product Origin is USA. 

Sof-Suede Lace is cut from brushed pigskin, has a tight nap, and will not shed like traditional suede lace. This lace is fairly strong, even when cut in the narrower 3/32 inch width.

Use it with small beads, garment trim and tiny eyelets.  Necklace cords, bag cords, or repairing home wares.  Use as a trimming on a home decoration like a loom weave or dream catcher.  These are just a few ideas!

If you order more than 1m we will attempt to give you a continuous length, according to how the leather comes off the roll, to save on any wastage for you.

Length per listing:  1 metre.  (If you want more than 1 metre, say 3 metres, you need to order a quantity of 3.)