Chandelier Earrings Kit - Clip Ons or Pierced

Bead Shack

$20.00 AUD 


This kit provides all the components and gorgeous Swarovski crystals you need to make a beautiful finished product and includes comprehensive instructions and a picture of an example of the finished product. Designed by Erin Dove from Bead Shack. What a great thought as a gift for a special someone, either made by you or in kit form.

At this time, we don't have a lot of kits made up.  If you wish to have a special colour, please email us separately and we will see what we can do!

Should you prefer Clip Ons, let us know in the comments section at checkout and we will swap the fittings over to clip ons for you.

Tools Required:  Chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and cutters.

Level of Difficulty:  Medium