Christmas Tree Decoration - makes 6

Bead Shack

$7.50 AUD $15.00 AUD


These delightful decorations can be hung, or stand on their own, if you pop a little blob of blue-tac underneath. They are about 5cm tall.  Decorate the house or your Christmas lunch table, attach to presents, or give as little gifts to your work colleagues, to person who fed your cat this year, anyone will love these little guys! All instructions, beads and pins, and metallic thread are included in the kit.

We have been having trouble getting stock in the clear colour for the 18mm sized star in this kit, which is the one underneath and above the largest in the picture.  We will be needing to substitute opaque green.  The made up items will not look exactly like the photograph, but still look great!

Tools required:  All you will need at home is a small pair of pliers, preferably round nose pliers, but you should be able to work it out with regular pliers if that's all you have!

Level of Difficulty:  Easy