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Christmas Puddin' Earrings Kits


Make and wear these fast and fabulous little Christmas pudding earrings for seasonal holiday fun, to wear to work, shopping or parties - anywhere you like.

Be the centre of attention wearing your funky and quirky holiday theme earrings, or make them for all the family, give to work colleagues, school friends, aunties, grandmas, craft group gift ideas, make heaps of them for school and market stalls, end of year fund raising, gosh the list goes on!

You can hang them on your mini Christmas tree as an extra decoration. The ear hooks will sit over the branch of the tree easily.  You could even just store them on your tree then grab them to wear out when you go to work or a Christmas party!  Dual purpose haha.

They are fast and easy to make.

This do it yourself kit will be suitable for all ages to make - the small people will need help with turning over the headpin which holds the beads but they can certainly decorate the pins themselves!

Material:  Beads are acrylic, and fittings are metal.  Choose from either gold or silver fittings from the drop down menu.

Style:  Choose from either pierced or clip on ear fittings from the drop down menu

Level of Difficulty:  Easy

Tools Required:  Round Nose Plier, Chain Nose Plier, Cutters

Tool Note - if you don't have special beading pliers, but still want the fun, use the smallest 'garage' plier you can find and turn the loop over as neatly as you can!

Bead Note - the brown bead may not be exactly like the picture according to stock levels at the time of packing. We use a variety of styles of brown beads, and they are usually vintage plastic beads over 40 years old from our warehouse clearance hoard of beads!  It's up to what we can find at the time, which bead you receive.  They all look good as little puddings!