Clear - Chinese Crystal Rondelle (Abacus) Bead Strands - 6 sizes available

Bead Shack

$7.25 AUD 


3x2mm:  You receive about 200 beads per strand.

4x3mm: You receive about 150 beads on a strand.  

6x4mm:  You receive about 100 beads on a strand.

8x6mm:  You receive about 70 beads on a strand.

10x8mm:  You receive about 72 beads on a strand.

14x10mm:  You receive about 60 beads on a strand.

Rondelle (Abacus) beads are always measured diameter first, then thickness (hole to hole) second.  Threading hole is about 1mm for all sizes.

If you want to work out how many you need for a particular length, divide your length by the diameter (first) measurement of the bead.