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Camel (10m) - 1x3mm Flat Waxed Cord

$7.50 AUD


This quite heavily waxed polyester string is really thin.  Being flat, it knots so well making it very easy to work with. 

You can wrap stones & pendants with the cord - being flat cord it will sit neatly for you to give a really professional finish.  On the other hand, if you are new to this type of wrapping, it can make learning so much easier when you are using an appropriate cord!  The style of making sort of a little 'string bag' to pop a crystal chunk in is very popular and this cord is perfect for that!

Also you can use this for micro macrame for making mini pot hangers, necklaces, chokers & other forms of jewellery, and any project that requires a strong, waxy thread.  It's quite similar to a wax linen thread, being so thin. 

If you are looking for a strong thread to string natural or ceramic beads on, this flat wax cord is a great choice.  It knots well, especially because it's a flat cord, and but still has a fairly soft drape.

You will need sharp scissors to cut this.

Tip:  Cut your thread on an angle, which will create a point at the end, making it easier to thread through the holes of your beads (or whatever your project is).

Measurements:  1mm wide by .3mm thick

Quantity per pack:  10 metres (hand wound onto small cards)