7x4mm BRASS Tube Bead

Bead Shack

$6.30 AUD 


These beads are actually made from Brass.  Think of your garden taps being made from brass and how the metal doesn't change after even years being outside.  That's what these beads are made from.

These beads are from about the mid-1980s - sleek, stylish, and you won't find them in many bead shops at all.  They are a real find!

Use them on jewellery, of course, especially chunky men's jewellery, but how fantastic would they also be on a macrame wall hanging or plant holder.  Beads with holes this size are hard to come by, especially in metal!

Bead measures 7mm wide x 4mm deep, with a threading hole of 5mm.  They are a tube shape with straight sides and thin 1mm thick walls.  The outside has a corrugated look.  One bead weighs 40 grams.

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