Glass Bead Strands - 4mm/6mm/8mm - 7 colours available


$6.00 AUD 


These beads are wonderful for making jewellery!  Use as the main feature, or use as fillers in between other feature beads.

Beads have a 'baked' coating so the colour stays put!

3 sizes available in most colours.

4mm - you receive approximately 200 beads per strand.  Threading hole = 1.1 to 1.3mm

6mm - you receive approximately 133 beads per strand.  Threading hole = 1.3 to 1.6mm

8mm - you receive approximately 100 beads per strong.  Threading hole = 1.3mm - 1.6mm

These wonderfully coloured beads have baked on coating, so the colours stay put!  Made in China.

Please note:  Teal & Marine Blue have the same picture - they were the same code number, but the marine blue is definitely more blue than the teal, so I have given them different names.  Same goes for the Olive colour.