Black Terracotta Clay Bead - 2 styles

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These beads seem to be made from a terracotta clay, and then painted black, with their markings painted white as the adornment.  Kind of beautiful in their imperfection.

  1. Style 1:  Torpedo shaped bead with 3 dotted lines around each end, with some the length of the bead separating it into two sections.  Inside each section is a kind of 'sun' pattern.  Beads weigh about 5 grams each.
  2. Style 2:  Torpedo shaped bead with 2 solid lines around each end, and a circle with arcs radiating from the circle on either side.  Beads weigh about 5 grams each.
These clay beads are very old stock from a storage lot, that we scooped up years ago.  You won't find beads in many places that are like these!  Truly unique handmade beads!  Most probably made in Africa a long time ago!

Being handmade there is a lot of variation in the sizing and shapes.  We have taken photos in front of a ruler, as well as alone, to try and show the approximate sizing of the beads.

Due to the huge variation, we won't measure proportions, sizes or hole sizes here.  Please refer to the photos for that kind of information.

These beads are from a collection of bisque fired (no glaze) terracotta/clay/ceramic.  There are a lot of definitions of the way these beads are made, and if you are interested, have a google about them and gather information.  They are amazing beads to find out about!

We can't be certain of their exact information, rather we are giving suggestions of what these beads are, and where they are from, how they are made etc, from information gathered from our general observations over the last many years in the bead trade.

We will attempt to give you beads that all look similar for each pack that you buy.

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