Super Tila Magic Bracelet Kit

Design by Sandra Dodd for Bead Shack

$16.50 AUD 


This kit designed by our very own Sandra Dodd is comprised of Tila Beads, Super Duo Beads and Japanese seed beads, finished off with a magnetic clasp with safety chain. Kits make up to 20cm (8") in length and comes with all the beads, clasp, thread, needle, as well as comprehensive instructions written in English using sketches as well. 

Tools Required:  Sharp scissors,  thread wax (optional).

Level of Difficulty:  Easy to Medium

Colour:  The colour has been described in the following sequence Tila/Superduo/Superduo/Seed Bead. For Example, Matte Silver Tila/Jet Superduo/Clear Superduo/Blue Iris Seed Bead will read:  Matte Silver/Jet/Clear/Blue Iris