Bicones 15x8mm Indian Glass - BULK PURCHASE


$40.00 AUD 


These beads measure 15mm in length x 8mm at the widest point. Hole is 1mm in size, so will thread onto a wide range of wires and threads! 

Please note:  For this bulk purchase you will receive 20 packs.  This is a drastically discounted wholesale price, and the bag is sold as is, unopened, from very old stock, and the beads will need a wash (Indian beads always have a chalky dust over them from the factory - it's from the material used in the core of the beads).  Plus, there may be a few cracked beads within the lot, but only a few.  This is a wholesale price, and the packs are sold 'as is'. 

We will make up the 20 packs by picking random colours, unless you put in the comment section your choice of colour, at checkout.  If you forget, just flick us an email.

Quantity per pack:  There is approximately 100 beads per pack, x 20 packs for this listing = approximately 2,000 beads.