Bicones 15x8mm Indian Glass - 9 colours available


$2.00 AUD 


These beads measure 15mm in length x 8mm at the widest point. Hole is 1mm in size, so will thread onto a wide range of wires and threads! 

Please note:  For the full bags of 100 pieces, this is a drastically discounted wholesale price, and the bag is sold as is, unopened, from very old stock, and the beads will need a wash (Indian beads always have a chalky dust over them from the factory - it's from the material used in the core of the beads).  Plus, there may be a few cracked beads within the bag, but only a few.  This is a wholesale price, and the packs are sold 'as is'.  The packs of 10 beads will be checked and clean and come from our jar stock.

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