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Beading Workshops for Kids - July 2024

$30.00 AUD


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Introducing Bead Shack’s Beading Workshops for Kids

Are you tired of seeing your kids glued to screens all day long?  Looking for a fun and engaging activity that will spark their creativity and social interaction?  Look no further!  Bead Shack is excited to present our captivating Beading Workshops for Kids, where imagination knows no limits and friendships are made!

Unplug, Create & Connect!

At Bead Shack, we understand the importance of providing children with meaningful alternatives to excessive screen time.  Our Beading Workshops for Kids offer a delightful escape from technology, allowing young minds to explore their artistic abilities while engaging with others in a warm and friendly environment.

Let Creativity Shine!

During our workshops, children gather around a big, inviting table, brimming with colourful beads and supplies.  With expert guidance from our experienced instructions, young participants learn various beading techniques and create their own stunning jewellery pieces, keychains and more!  From vibrant necklaces to funky bracelets, their imagination is the only limit!

Engage, Share & Grow!

Our workshops foster a sense of community and encourage kids to interest with one another.  As they work on their projects, they can chat, exchange ideas, and develop lasting friendships.  It’s a fantastic opportunity for children to build social skills, boost confidence, and learn the value of collaboration while having a blast 

Why Choose Bead Shack?

  • Expert instruction from skilled beading professionals
  • Wide variety of beads, charms and accessories to choose from
  • Safe & welcoming environment for kids of all ages
  • Flexible workshop schedules to accommodate busy families
  • Affordable pricing options with no hidden costs
  • Join the Beading Fun Today!

Ready to give your child an unforgettable experience that combines creativity, socialisation and pure enjoyment?  Don’t miss out on our Beading Workshops for Kids at Bead Shack!

Unleash your child’s creativity and let them shine at Bead Shack’s Beading Workshops for Kids.  It’ time to create lasting memories, one bead at a time.

… …

Usually they will choose from a bowl of glitzy beads, or a bowl of wooden type beads, and put together their own creation, with guidance from our team of teachers here at Bead Shack.  The kids are encouraged to make their own special creation, which is why a choice of beads is offered.  The $30 cost of the class is for using the beads that we supply in the class.  Extra beads or pendants, or something special, can be added to their creation at extra cost.

Our Cancellation Policy for these classes:  Should you be able to give us 48 hours notice that your child will be unable to attend, we will refund your payment in full.  This gives us a chance to re-fill the vacant seat/seats.  Any notice given shorter than that 50% of your payment is refundable, please email us to notify.