Bead Threader Tool

Bead Shack

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This tool is really handy for threading beads (with holes larger than at least 2mm) onto cords.  Very helpful in situations like macrame or loomwork, or threading cords through beads for necklaces etc.

Step 1.  Pass the wire end of the needle threader tool through the bead.

Step 2.  Put the very end of the cord in between the wires at the end of the tool (not the handle end, the tip of the wire end).

Step 3.  Gently pull the tool and the cord will be drawn through the bead.

If you have a second cord to pull through, repeat the above steps.

This tool is handy for threading ribbons and laces too!

Be careful not to yank the tool too hard if the cord is a tight fit (also you need to consider that the cord is doubled over at the end too, where it's passed through the wire tool).  Rather pull gently and encourage the cords through.  You can't pull really hard on a cord that is too thick for a bead, as you will pull the wire out of the tool's wood handle.  If you can't manage to pull the cord through gently, try and grab the wire away from the handle with a pair of pliers, and pull the wire using the pliers.

The comfortable wood handle is about 1cm thick and about 10cm, the wire is about 12cm in length from the handle to the tip.  These measurements can vary from batch to batch though.