Bead Stoppers


$5.00 AUD 


The Bead Stopper is made from stainless steel (won't rust or corrode) and is made in the USA. You squeeze the looped ends towards each other, which opens the spring on the front. You may slip as many strands on as you like. Let go of the loops, and the spring closes over the strands. Place one stopper at each end of projects, to hold them safe whilst you are working, especially if travelling or storing half finished projects. These are great for the littlies, or for the less co-ordinated (like me!) Use on all types of threads and wires - it doesn't do any damage to your wire! These little gadgets are receiving raving feedbacks - no beader will want to be without them. Just imagine doing a multi-strand job, and being able to anchor as many threads as you like. There are 10 slots in the stopper, but that doesn't limit you to 10 strands, you could always double them up if you need to!

Quantity per package:  2 stoppers