Bead Mat (Dark Green) Qty: 1


$5.00 AUD 

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MY APOLOGIES:  The price of freight from USA to Australia has become horrendous.  These mats are really expensive to freight as they come in a large box of 100 (I kind of wish they would vacuum pack them!!)  As a reflection of this pricing hike in freight, we have had to recently increase our bead mat price.  However!  They are still one of the best, most recommended and terrific ways of keeping your beads from rolling away from you!

These great double-sided bead mats are just the best invention!! Save your beads from rolling away all the time. Great for on your lap, in the car, anywhere you need to bead. I even count all my coin out on one, because things are so easy to pick up! Especially if you have long fingernails!

These bead mats also cushion your wrists whilst doing intricate work. I'm sure they could be utilised for more pastimes than just beading!

These mats are wrinkle resistant, completely washable and wash up like brand new. Long-lasting too. Measurements: 35cm x 28cm (14" x 11")

Colour:  Dark Green

 The photo shows all the colours we received.  This listing is for the one you see that is DARK GREEN.

This colour is really hard to come by, so we have listed it separately so that those of you who need a dark colour to be able to see your beads can grab one!