Ball Chain & 2 Clips (1m)


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This chain is so popular at the moment; it's had a real resurgence in the latest fashions.  Use it to:

  • Pop a charm on
  • Thread some large holed beads straight onto the chain and let them just sit there - no need to do anything else!  We've attached a photo of some wood beads done in this fashion.
  • Make short keychains or fobs with this ball chain.  It's what you see on so many items in the stores.  You may not have realised that you can make your own!
  • Especially what the blokes like to wear their necklaces on.

This chain is hardy and strong and does up with a little weird holder piece.  I've attached photos that show you how to attach the ball chain to the holder (hopefully they will be clear enough for you).

  1. Cut the chain to desired length (use cutting pliers)
  2. Aim the straight little bit in between the 2 last balls on one end of the chain into the centre of the weird holder thing (wish I knew the name of them!) and then pull it towards the end.  You will find the straight bit will slip into place and stay at the end.
  3. Aim the other end of the chain in the same manner into the other side of the holder and do the same thing - slip your charm or beads on first if you like.
  4. Finished!  How easy is that!?  The chain comes apart in the same manner if you just pull one end towards the centre of the holder again.

Generally a necklace is around 45-50cm for an adult.    But keep any shorter pieces you may have, because you can utilise it for keyrings like mentioned above.

The balls on the chain measure about 2.5mm and is made from great quality plated metal.  If you buy more than one metre, we will cut you a continuous piece so you won't waste any length!

Quantity per listing:  1 metre w. 2 clips