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9mm Pony Beads (1,000)

$35.00 AUD $45.00 AUD

9mm plastic pony beads have a nice big hole about 3mm in size. Use these affordable beads for threading onto cotton or leather cords up to 2.5mm thick, for kids to make lace up animals, and for all types of beading and craft projects. 

These are also the beads kids have put in their hair at the end of multiple plaits like when they visit Fiji, Bali, etc.

Crocheters often call these jug beads, as they are used to put as a decoration on the ends of a crochet shape that drapes over a cup, jug or bowl.

Many people actually use them for small children's activities, to make a pattern with these beads in a baking pan and melt them gently in the oven to make a sun catcher (transparent type).  Be careful to use a small oven outdoors though!  Don't do it in your kitchen oven ...

Quantity per pack:  approximately 1,000 mixed colour beads in either boy, girl or mixed colours - choose from the drop down menu.