9mm Pony Bead Czech Glass - Qty: 50 beads - 3 colours available


$7.50 AUD 


Gorgeous and shiny, these lustrous bead come to us from stock well over 20 years old.  What a find! 

Use these beads on leather, cord and string that is up to 3mm thick.  Fabulous for boys & men necklaces.  They are also great for Native American style beading.  These are like a larger version of a 'crow' bead.

Pony beads are often called jug beads, and can be used with crochet to make weighted doily style covers for jugs, cups & bowls.  The hole is quite large, about 3mm, so small crochet hooks can pass through when making the pattern.

Quantity per pack:  50 beads

Colour:  Choose from the drop down menu