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8mm Round Gemstone Look Beads (50) - Amethyst

$7.50 AUD


Even though they are acrylic, these beads have the look of a real gemstone, however instead of being a heavy bead, they are lightweight & make a great addition to any beading project, whether it be embellishing homeware projects or beading jewellery pieces.

We have 11 shapes/sizes in this family of beads, in 6 colours, although here & there a colour may have no stock left.  

The stock is really really old (but not used - new beads of course!) that we have had in storage.  We purchased these as a part of a very large vintage bead haul in about 2006 & we can guarantee the beads are a lot older than that, as they had already been in storage for many years.

We feel that they may be Japanese made lucite beads.  The quality and lustre of these beads is immaculate.  Every bead has different colouring through it.  Every time I look at these beads I think 'how the heck do they do this?'.

You won't be disappointed with this range of glorious beads!  Make earrings with the look of precious gemstones, but without the weight.  Buy a few shapes and arrange into a necklace.  Mix the colours &/or shapes & add metal accents between.  So many possibilities ... ...

Size: 8mm with a 1mm threading hole

Quantity per pack:  50