7x9.5mm Oval Jumpring (Qty: 100) - Ancient Brass


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High quality without a huge price tag.  This colour is usually very hard to get in a nice quality.  In fact every jumpring I've ever seen in this colour would not close properly and really did nothing to enhance all my hard work.

These rings, although manufactured in China, are made to the USA high quality standard.  They are also free of Nickel.

The rings are flat, which adds interest to your piece, I'm not sure if they are stamped like this?? 

Oval Jumprings are fabulous because they are harder to pull open.  When you link pieces together with them, the stress is on the ends of the rings, which do not have an opening.  Once you get used to using oval jumprings, you will come to enjoy them.

Inside diameter measures 5mm x 7.5mm, which will mean that the thickness of the ring is 1mm.

Quantity per pack:  100 rings